List of News Articles

  1. Gallery: London in summer

    Summary: This summer we're diving into our archives to explore how Londoners through the last century have enjoyed themselves in the summer, from people-watching on the side of the road to feasting on ice creams in Regent's Park. Wondering what the city has to offer, and how Londoners have explored the streets of the capital, but also went outside of the city to seek refuge from the heat? This gallery, put together by our Interpretation Manager Michelle Johansen, shows you exactly what to do when inspiration is low.

  2. Lives from the Archives: Holly Revell

  3. Gallery: Vince Ray's illustrations for Club RUB

    Summary: Last year we were excited to catch up with Club RUB founder, dominatrix Miss Kim. And, as London begins to open up, we thought it was the perfect time to delve into the flyers for the Club, and look at the illustrations Vince Ray designed.

  4. Gallery: A-Z of LGBTQ+ London

    Summary: We've been celebrating this year's Pride Month with an A-Z tour of LGBTQ+ London on our social media.

  5. Gallery: The LGBTQ+ community and Section 28

    Summary: Today marks the anniversary of the Section 28 legislation being introduced, which banned the "promotion of homosexuality" by local authorities in 1988. This meant schools and councils were unable to provide young LGBTQ+ people with help.

  6. Gallery: The Gay Liberation Front & Pride

    Summary: Britain’s first Pride was held in 1972, organised by the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). Pride marches have since marked several key moments in LGBTQ+ history, and we're excited to share with you previously unseen images of the second ever Pride.

  7. Gallery: Back to the sixties with Derek Brook

    Summary: The sixties were a transformative decade for London. The capital was anointed in April 1966 as “The Swinging City” by Time magazine, with London being seen as a thriving hub for art, music, and fashion.

  8. Gallery: Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association Archive

    Summary: Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association (KLPA) represents the community of women who swim in the Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath.

  9. Gallery: Clean Break Archive

    Summary: Clean Break Theatre Company was founded in 1979 by two women who met in prison and believed in the power of theatre to transform lives.

  10. Gallery: London's LGBTQ+ nightlife

    Summary: London is often seen as a haven for the LGBTQ+ community, with queer nightlife providing a chance for connection, community, and escapism.

  11. Gallery: A look back at London's pubs

    Summary: We're thrilled to be home to archives that document the history of London, and we're continuing to celebrate this history through our online courses about the East End and Victorian London.