List of News Articles

  1. Gallery: Drag Save The King

    Summary: At the start of May, the cream of London’s Drag King scene came together to prove that 2023 really is Year of the King.

  2. Exhibition: I’M COMING OUT!

    Summary: We've teamed up with BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival to curate a free exhibition celebrating queer nightlife in the city from 1975-85.

  3. Gallery: Desire in the Archive

    Summary: On 10 February, 2023, our library was home to Desire in the Archive, an anti-Valentine's Day evening that celebrated queer-flavoured desire.

    2 min read

  4. Meet the Tutors: Dr Emily Garside

    Summary: We had a few questions for LGBTQ+ history tutor, Dr Emily Garside.

    4 min read

  5. Memoir Writing: Juliet Jacques on Transfabulous

    Summary: Juliet Jacques will be teaching a course on memoir writing, here we share a piece she wrote for the Out and About exhibition about the impact Transfabulous had on her life.

    5 min read

  6. Gallery: Out and About! Exhibition Opening

    Summary: Bishopsgate Institute has taken over The Curve at Barbican, with an archive installation of objects, ephemera and media highlighting 40 moments and stories in London’s LGBTQ+ history.

    3 min read

  7. The Many Colours of LGBTQ+ Pride

    Summary: Every day in February, for LGBTQ+ History Month, on social media we shared some of the flags that represent the different identities in the LGBTQ+ community. Here, we collect them together, as well as speak with artist Guillaume Vandame about his installation, symbol, that celebrates their power.

    5 min read

  8. Dragging the Archive: Preserve drag king history

    Summary: We opened the doors of our library to welcome the drag king community of London. Dragging the Archive blended panel discussions with drag performances, socialising with zine and badge making.

    6 min read

  9. Lives from the Archives: Holly Revell

  10. Gallery: A-Z of LGBTQ+ London

    Summary: We've been celebrating this year's Pride Month with an A-Z tour of LGBTQ+ London on our social media.

  11. Gallery: The LGBTQ+ community and Section 28

    Summary: Today marks the anniversary of the Section 28 legislation being introduced, which banned the "promotion of homosexuality" by local authorities in 1988. This meant schools and councils were unable to provide young LGBTQ+ people with help.