List of News Articles

  1. Bishopsgate Institute welcomes four new trustees

    Summary: Bishopsgate Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Aitchison, Simon Demissie, Nancy Kelley and Ben McKnight to the charity’s Board.

    2 min read

  2. From the Collections: Found Photos of Brick Lane

    Summary: Will Roberts, our Digital Engagement Officer, shares his love for some mysterious found photos and reveals how, with the help of social media, some answers were finally uncovered.

    4 min read

  3. From the Archives: Walter Tull

    Summary: Within the Clapton FC Archive, held at Bishopsgate Institute, is the story of forgotten British hero, Walter Tull.

    2 min read

  4. From the Archives: Punk Fanzines Temporary Hoarding & Drastic Measures

    Summary: This piece was contributed by Grace Healy, who recently taught a course on the history of London's punk scene. Here she examines punk fanzines from our Special Collections, with specific focus on those connected to Rock Against Racism and Rock against Sexism.

    4 min read

  5. Women's History Month: Agnes Dawson

    Summary: Barbara Vesey, from our Special Collections and Archives team, highlights Agnes Dawson and her sisters – leading figures in the world of education, women’s rights and London politics.

    2 min read

  6. From the Collections: Derek Brook

    Summary: Campaigns Manager Jeroen discusses the Derek Brook photographic archive here.

    4 min read

  7. Article: The lost art of letter writing

    Summary: Every minute, 187 million emails, 18 million texts, and 38 million WhatsApp messages are sent. But before we all lived our lives online, the way to stay in touch was through letter writing.

    5 min read

  8. Article: Lunchtime concerts - A story of wartime unity

    Summary: Music and performance have long been at the heart of Bishopsgate Institute's public programme, with our lunchtime concerts running throughout the twentieth century.