List of News Articles

  1. Bishopsgate Institute welcomes four new trustees

    Summary: Bishopsgate Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Aitchison, Simon Demissie, Nancy Kelley and Ben McKnight to the charity’s Board.

    2 min read

  2. Long Reads

    Being Seen Being Heard: Amplifying British South Asian Women’s Voices

    Summary: Through “Being Seen, Being Heard”, Sohaila Baluch offers a chance to pause, to reflect and to centre the stories of British South Asian women.

  3. Gallery: Drag Save The King

    Summary: At the start of May, the cream of London’s Drag King scene came together to prove that 2023 really is Year of the King.

  4. Interview: Peter Ashan - Ridley Road Freedom Walk

    Summary: Local historian Peter Ashan will be taking us on a tour of the Ridley Road Freedom Walk. We asked him a few questions about his love for Dalston and its people, as well as what you can expect from this tour.

  5. Exhibition: I’M COMING OUT!

    Summary: We've teamed up with BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival to curate a free exhibition celebrating queer nightlife in the city from 1975-85.

  6. An A-Z of Park Life in London

    Summary: Interpretation Manager Michelle Johansen compiles an A-Z of London's parks based on the pamphlets, books, and photographs from our Special Collections.

  7. Gallery: Desire in the Archive

    Summary: On 10 February, 2023, our library was home to Desire in the Archive, an anti-Valentine's Day evening that celebrated queer-flavoured desire.

    2 min read

  8. Meet the Tutors: Lettie Mckie

    Summary: Starting on Thursday 23 February, architectural historian, lecturer and tour guide Lettie Mckie will be teaching A Decolonial Introduction to London Architecture. Learn about her and the course here.

  9. From the Students: Photography Level 2 Final Project

    Summary: Photography taken by students for their Photography Level 2 final project.

  10. Vanishing Empire: Take the Tour

    Summary: This tour is not simply an attempt at reconstructing the physical history of the City of London. It is also about the role memory plays in our contemporary identity.

  11. From the Collections: Found Photos of Brick Lane

    Summary: Will Roberts, our Digital Engagement Officer, shares his love for some mysterious found photos and reveals how, with the help of social media, some answers were finally uncovered.

    4 min read