A collection of material from the UK Leather and Fetish Archive, including magazines such as Body Play and Fetish Times.

UK Leather and Fetish Archive

The UK Leather and Fetish Archive is dedicated to documenting and celebrating the history and heritage of the leather, rubber, kink, BDSM and fetish community in the UK.

The Archive started in 2016 with the deposit of the records of numerous gay/bi male UK leather clubs and has since expanded to hold the archives of organisations, clubs and individuals of all sexualities, gender identities and kink persuasions. We also hold an extensive collection of books, pamphlets and magazines documenting UK fetish history from the early 1900s to the present day.

We are always looking to develop the archive and welcome donations of archival material, ephemera, magazines, photos...anything that you feel documents your kink history! Do get in touch.


  1. LeatherDyke Archive

  2. The Black Collection

  3. Eric Chaline Archive

  4. Mory Archive

  5. Sugar May Archive

  6. Scally Lads Fetish Archive

  7. Lauretta X Archive


  8. Princess Augustine Archive

    2016 - Present

  9. Felicia Fisher Archive

    2018 - 2021

  10. Anna Sampson Archive

    2012 - 2021

  11. Mackintosh Collection

  12. Natasha Gornik ‘Nine Years’ Archive

    2009 – 2018