Photographic Collections

Since opening in 1895, Bishopsgate Institute’s Special Collections and Archives have held wonderful collections relating to photography in London and protest. The Library now holds over 1,000,000 images, either in physical or digital form.

The photographic collections were initially compiled by the Institute's second librarian Charles Goss. He was determined to build a record of the development of photography in the capital, alongside our ever growing collections of books, maps, directories and press cuttings. Our collections are also not limited to famous or esteemed photographers, and have developed substantially since 2005. New collections are continually be added and we are always looking to accept new images that record the social and cultural history of the metropolis.


  1. Melanie Friend Archive

  2. Maggie Murray Archive

  3. Brenda Prince Archive

  4. Moyra Peralta Archive

  5. Phil Maxwell Archive

  6. Mark Jackson and Huw Davies Archive

  7. Libby Hall Dog Collection

  8. Edge of the City: Robert Moye and Peter Young Archive

  9. Colin O'Brien Archive: King's Head Theatre Club, Islington

  10. Tony Shelley Archive

  11. Angela Christofilou Archive

  12. Elainea Emmott Archive