Feminist and Women's History

Bishopsgate Institute Library has been collecting records and providing a home to archives of women’s participation in the public life for a century.

The collections include ephemera from protests and campaigns, papers of pioneering individuals, and records of women’s organisations.

The heart of the collections is the Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection, donated to the Institute in 2009. From lack of public toilets in London to female genital mutilation in Africa, the pamphlet collection provides an exciting and comprehensive view of the Women’s Liberation Movement from the 1960s to the present day.

The Library has grown its holdings on feminist and women's history substantially since receiving the pamphlet collection and actively collects in this area.


  1. Women's March on London

  2. Coote, Anna

  3. Feminist Library Ephemera

  4. Feminist Library Collections

  5. Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection

  6. Kennedy, Mary

  7. Sebestyen, Amanda

  8. Blaug, Astra

  9. NAWO

  10. Format Photographers Agency

  11. Campaign Against Pornography

  12. National Women's Network

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