History and Society

Activities in History and Society

  1. Unreal City: London in Literature

  2. A History of Opera

  3. Film Studies: The Greatest Films Ever Made

  4. A Social History of Victorian London (1830s-1890s)

  5. London in Poetry

  6. Archives Tour: London Collections

  7. Mr Lucas' diaries and the Queer Britain archive

    Sold Out

  8. A Short History of Feminism (1890s - 1980s)

  9. London's Punk History - Spaces and Places

  10. Archives Tour: LGBTQ+ Collections

  11. Colonial London: Migration, Trade and Power

  12. Film Studies - Ealing Studios

  13. Power and Struggle - Contemporary Protest

  14. Film Studies - Key Moments in German Cinema

  15. A Social History of Twentieth Century London (1900s-1970s)

  16. The Sound of Revolution

  17. A Short History of Poverty (1830s - 1940s)

  18. Walking Tours: London's Literary Landscapes

  19. An Introduction to Charles Booth's London

  20. Walking Tours: The New River

  21. Library Late: Food Glorious Food

    Staff Pick

  22. The Indian Suffragettes

  23. Walking Tours: Architecture in the City of London

  24. A Short History of the East End (1880s - 1970s)

  25. Walking Tour: Public Art in the City of London

  26. A Short History of Sundays (1860s - 1980s)

  27. The Art of Protest

  28. Walking Tour: The History of Spitalfields

  29. A Short History of Enviromentalism (1858 - 1990)

  30. A Short History of the 1930s

  31. Visit the Library


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