MSC London / London Leathermen

MSC London (now known as London Leathermen)ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY:  MSC London (later known as London Leathermen) was formed in 1973 as a social group for gay and bisexual men over 18 in London with a fetish for leather, rubber, uniform & skin head gear. It was one of the founding members of the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC), formed 14th January 1974. MSC London was also affiliated with the Fellowship of UK Clubs (FUKC). 

MSC London’s future and viability was discussed in the 1990s, however this was overcome and continued to be a functioning club. In 2016 MSC London changed its name to London Leathermen, which is how it is currently known. 

In addition to holding club nights, MSC London held Birthday events and Annual General Meetings. The club also served as the host for several FUKC and ECMC events, and participated in events run by other motor sports clubs. MSC London also participated in ‘London Clubs Together’ events which involved other London based motor sports clubs. The club is also involved in the organisation of Mr Leather UK.

London Leathermen continues to  hold regular social meetings on the third Friday of every month at Eagle London in Vauxhall.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Papers of MSC London / London Leathermen (1974-2017), including: 

- papers and correspondence regarding the administration of MSC London, 1978-2015.
- papers and correspondence regarding MSC London's Annual General Meetings (AGMs), 1974-2016.
- correspondence regarding MSC London, ECMC's constitution and a News of the World article, 1979-2004.
- flyers, leaflets, programmes, booking forms and other ephemera from MSC London and various other motor sports clubs, 1983-2017.
- colour and black and white photographs of activities and events hosted by MSC London and associated others, 1974-1995; posters produced by MSC London, [RMC] and ASMF Paris, 1981-2006.
- objects and clothing produced by MSC London and other motor sports clubs, 1974-2003.
- newsletters, magazines and catalogues produced by MSC London, leather and fetish clothing suppliers, and magazines specialising in motorcycles and lifestyles, 1976-2009.
- papers from other motor sports clubs (MSC's), 1980-2017.
- papers from the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC), c1979-2001.
- papers of Fellowship of United Kingdom Clubs (FUKC), 1991-2005.
- miscellaneous papers regarding MSC London and its members, AIDS and sexual health, and MSC London Bike Group's visit to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Races, 1980-2015.

QUANTITY: 17 boxes, 8 posters and other loose items.

Note: Apply to archivist to access collection.