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London Family Photo Archive

London Family Photo ArchiveBishopsgate Institute is happy to announce its newest digital archives project: the establishment of the London Family Photo Archive. The Library has long been committed to preserving the history and heritage of everyday Londoners as a resource for present and future generations.

To help us on this ambitious task of recording the evolution of London’s lifestyles, cultures and population, we are seeking donations of your family photos, past and present. It can be a portrait of your great-grandmother selling fruit in the market or a selfie of you and your mates at the pub. We are looking for family and personal photos of everyday life, no matter if you have lived in London since birth or are a recent arrival to the city. We are also looking for photos that depict Londoners on day trips and holidays outside of the city.

Your digital photos will be preserved at the Institute for perpetuity and, with your permission, made available via our online catalogue.

Please submit your photos with the highest resolution possible, preferably in *.tiff or *.jpeg format. Along with the each image submitted, we need to know when and where the photo was taken and who it shows. This will make it easier for the location and the subjects to be identified in the future.

If you have physical photos that you would like to submit and have no access to a scanner, you can contact us and we will help you get them digitised.

To contribute to the project or to learn more, please contact us at the following address: library@bishopsgate.org.uk.