Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection

Collage of pamphletsCompiled by the Feminist Library over thirty-five years the pamphlets are an unparalleled resource. From lack of public toilets in London to female genital mutilation in Africa, the Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection offers insights to women’s lives across the world. The collection also gives an exciting and comprehensive view of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

The collection’s diversity is not limited to subject matter - material ranges from grey unpublished literature and official reports to campaign literature and ephemera.

Areas covered by the Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection includes:

  • The status of women:  reports from around the world discussing the status of women, often interlinking with racial and cultural issues such as excision and liberation movements.
  • Society, customs and beliefs: looking at religion, anthropology, and families and relationships.
  • Education:  the gender division of access to education and issues within the education system.
  • Politics: feminist theory, feminist campaigns, homosexual rights, political parties’ policy on gender equality, radical political movements and their relationship with gender, racism and slavery.
  •  Mental and physical health: access to health care, health care treatments gender identity, puberty, menopause, reproductive health and rights, birth and child rearing. The baby milk scandal of the 1970s and 1980s, and abortion issues feature heavily.
  • Sexuality: sexual behavior, pornography, concepts of sexuality, homosexuality.
  • Social problems: including housing, social services, benefits, public services, and drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Employment: employment rights, conditions, training, specific campaigns and labour disputes.
  • Legislation and conferences: including 1995 Beijing United Nations’ World conference on Women.
  • “Crimes against women”: discrimination, prostitution, rape, mutilation, harassment, and child sexual abuse.
  • Women involved with the arts and issues surrounding censorship and discrimination.

The cataloguing and conservation of the Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection was completed in September 2010, and the records can be searched on our online catalogue.  Please select 'Advanced Search' and then type 'Feminist Library Pamphlet Collection' into the 'Collection' field.