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Alone in London

Alone in London

All day long the sun had shone down steadily upon the streets of London, with a fierce glare and glowing heat, until the barefooted children had felt the dusty pavement burn under their tread almost as painfully as the icy pavement had frozen their naked feet in the winter.

In the parks, and in every open space, especially about the cool splash of the fountains at Charing Cross, the people, who had escaped from the crowded and unventilated back streets, basked in the sunshine, or sought every corner where a shadow could be found.

But in the alleys and slums the air was heavy with heat and dust, and thick vapours floated up and down, charged with the sickening smells from the refuse of fish and vegetables decaying in the gutters.

Alone in London
Hesba Stretton. The Religious Tract Society, c.1869.

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