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Raphael Samuel Audio Collection

The Raphael Samuel Archive, deposited at the Bishopsgate Institute in 1998, included over 140 audio cassettes containing recordings gathered by Samuel and others over the length of his career. During 2007 and 2008, these cassettes were converted from fragile audio tape to compact disc to enable access for researchers to the valuable material held on them. Conversion from compact disc to mp3 is on-going. If would would like to access the recordings, please contact the Archivist in advance. 

The collection includes:

  • Oral history recordings with residents of the East End conducted during the 1970s regarding childhood, social and working conditions and criminality.
  • Various oral history recordings by Samuel and others regarding communism, trade union organisation and political activity.
  • Miscellaneous appearances by Samuel on Radio 4 discussing the release of new publications and various historical topics.
  • Lectures by Raphael Samuel and others on various topics.
  • Folk and political protest music.