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James Ince and Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd

James Ince and Sons displayADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: James Ince and Sons, umbrella manufacturers, were founded in 1805 and operated in around Bishopsgate for around 180 years, remaining a family business to the present day. Originally, in the 1820s, main products included parasols for ladies, very often exclusive 'one-offs'. In 1860s the firm quickly expanded into wholesaling and exports and, by the early 1900s, the company had started producing garden furniture, although in a limited way. Trade now lies in producing promotional umbrellas, golfing umbrellas and garden sun shades and furnishings. James Ince and Sons also produces umbrellas, both historic and modern, for film, television and theatre productions.
The company was situated at 298-300 Bishopsgate for a number of years and also used business properties in The Oval and Norton Folgate. James Ince and Sons now resides in Hackney.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Records of James Ince and Sons, umbrella makers (1871-2005), including:

  • Accounts and account books, 1925-1998
  • Miscellaneous account books, including wages books, stocktaking, petty cash, share certificate, insurance and sales/purchase books, 1931-1997
  • Order books, 1972-1990
  • Miscellaneous photographs of James Ince umbrellas, displays at trade fairs, properties and Geoffrey Ince and Wilfred Sears Ince at professional engagements, c1950-1995
  • Promotional material, price lists, catalogues, brochures and umbrella material samples for James Ince and Sons products and other umbrella manufacturers, 1900-1995
  • Scrapbooks compiled by Geoffrey Ince concerning  his chairmanship of the Bishopsgate Ward Club, the Ward Club's centenary, business history and self employment/tax issues, 1984-1993
  • Geoffrey Ince's engagement diaries, 1987-1994
  • Papers and correspondence regarding business properties at 298/300 Bishopsgate, 9/10 The Oval and 37 Spital Square, 1946-1986
  • Business leases, wills and property deeds, 1871-1972
  • Private account book of James Ince, Brighton, 1883-1900
  • Copper printing blocks and copper logo plates, n.d.

QUANTITY: 18 boxes; 1 large box