The Special Collections and Archives hold an ever growing collection of oral histories. It’s a living collection, preserving the voices of London: personal histories and reflections from the 1940’s to the present day.

Bishopsgate Institute’s oral histories were captured initially as part of our unique ‘Bishopsgate Voices’ project. The collections have been expanded with interviews from partnership projects, and projects by external groups or individuals. Many of the interviews have transcripts.

These oral histories broadly sit within two key collecting areas: the everyday lives of Londoners, and grass roots protest and campaigning movements. The scope of the interviews is often wider, showing issues of national and international importance through the lens of a local and personal experience.


  1. Constructing Post-War Britain

  2. Sources of the Sacred

  3. Occupy Oral History Project

    2011 - 2012

  4. Digital:Works

  5. Taken for Granted Oral History Project

  6. We Weren't Expecting to Stay

    1950 - 2014

  7. Sounds from the Park

    1905 - 2013

  8. Swadhinata Trust Oral History Project

  9. Temple of Mithras Oral History Project

  10. Tape Letters Project