During 2013, the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) and Bishopsgate Institute launched a project to digitise many of the main documents within the GFTU archive. These illustrate the essential part that the Federation has played in labour movement since its inception in 1899 and its continuing role up to the present day. These include minutes, annual reports, proceedings, financial records and copies of the Federation’s journal Federation News.

These documents can be viewed in .pdf form on the Library’s ADLIB Online Catalogue

  • Annual Reports
    Annual reports of the GFTU (1901-2008).
  • Management/Executive Committee Minutes
    Minutes of meetings of the Management/Executive Committee of the GFTU (1899-2009
  • General Council Meeting Records
    Records of General Council meetings of the GFTU, including agendas, reports and minutes (1901-2009)
  • Proceedings and Reports
    Proceedings and reports of the GFTU (1900-1950)
  • Quarterly Reports
    Quarterly reports of the GFTU (1900-1950)
  • Joint Board Papers
    Minutes, reports and other papers of the Joint Board, comprising representatives of the General Federation of Trade Unions, the Labour Party and the Trades Union Congress. Includes material on the Osborne Judgement (1908-1914)
  • Financial Records
    Financial records of the GFTU, including quarterly balance sheets and financial statements (1903-1963)
  • Rules
    Rules of the GFTU (1901-1985)
  • Federation News
    Federation News, journal of the GFTU (1951-2001)
  • Other Records
    Reports, forms and other papers compiled by the GFTU in their activities (1901-1983).

Many records, particularly concerning individual trade unions and strikes, have not been digitised as part of this project but can still be consulted at Bishopsgate Institute. Visit the GFTU Archive to find out about other items within the archive.