Hands-on History

Get closer to London’s rich history at one of our unique archive workshops, including two new Sunday sessions.

Led by our Interpretation Manager, Dr Michelle Johansen, these hands-on history courses invite learners to explore themed sets of original sources from our library and special collections, such as photographs, press cuttings, pamphlets and ephemera.

Activities in Hands-on History

  1. A Social History of Victorian London (1830s-1890s)

  2. A Short History of Feminism (1890s - 1980s)

  3. A Social History of Twentieth Century London (1900s-1970s)

  4. A Short History of Poverty (1830s - 1940s)

  5. A Short History of the East End (1880s - 1970s)

  6. A Short History of Sundays (1860s - 1980s)

  7. A Short History of Enviromentalism (1858 - 1990)

  8. A Short History of the 1930s