Queer Tango London beginners' course

As part of our Queer Tango London programme, we are now offering a beginners' course, where you can buy the first six events for the price of 5.

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Queer Tango?

Tango is “Walking with Attitude”. Queer Tango is – among other things – challenging tango’s “who does what”! Our popular Queer Tango Beginner’s Course is unique in London. We have designed it to enable you to take to the dancefloor with confidence as a leader and as a follower.

In our classes, we teach everyone both roles all the time. So, really leave behind outdated expectations that only men lead, and only women follow, and let us help you open up instead a world of exciting possibilities fit for the 21st century.

Never danced before, or not much?

That's absolutely fine. Our events are designed with you in mind. We run the safest of tango spaces where you can experiment, and we can support you.

Already a bit beyond the Beginner’s Stage?

Experienced dancers like you always join us to give absolute beginners the chance to dance with “people who can” and not just with “people who can’t [yet]”. It really helps their confidence and speeds up their progress.

Besides, we all benefit from a bit “back to basics” no matter how advanced we are. If you’d like to help others on their tango journeys, you’d be most welcome – and you’ll probably enjoy it.

What do we do?

At each class, we focus on some aspect of the dance – walking, backward ochos, the cross - gradually building up your tango “vocabulary” and working it into your dance.

At the same time, we show you how the dancefloor “works”, how dancers dance anti-clockwise in the “ronda” without bumping into each other, how you can invite a dance partner, how to join the dance and how take to the floor in such a way that the whole dancefloor “works” – it is quite magical, when it does.

Stay and Dance!

After each class, there is dancing until 10.30 pm (a Queer Tango Milonga with wonderful music chosen by QTL DJs).

Stay and practice what you’ve learnt – and dance with us! It is what we’re there for.

Dedicated Practice Space

Our lovely Upper Hall at the Bishopsgate Institute is big enough for us to have the luxury of a separate practice space where we can take time with you quietly to sort out anything which isn’t working without holding up the other dancers.