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Spring Term 2018 - Courses available to book

28 November 2017
Spring Term 2018 - Courses available to book

With the New Year only a few weeks away, it’s a great time to commit to learning that new language, taking up yoga or getting some expert guidance to begin your first novel…

The great news is our Spring Term 2018 courses are now available to book online and include a range of language courses, creative writing programmes, fascinating walking tours, dance classes and a host of Body & Exercise course options. 

Guarantee your place on these new courses now by booking now.


  • Walking Tours - East End's Russian Revolution
  • Walking Tours - Defending the City
  • Walking Tours - Brick Lane Battlegrounds, 1970s
  • Walking Tours - Hidden Hackney
  • An Introduction to Victorian and Edwardian Architecture
  • The Changing City - Building in the Square Mile
  • Walking Tours - The Way of the River Wandle
  • Crime and Punishment in London
  • Welcome to the East End
  • Tribunes of the People - Changing the East End
  • Unreal City: London in Literature, 1800 to Today
  • Walking Tours - Victorian Slums Transformed
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  • A History of Print and Printing
  • Film Studies - Martin Scorsese
  • From Hogarth to Cruikshank - Graphic Satire
  • Film Studies - Hollywood Cinema of the 1970s
  • The Fight for Representation (1819-1918)
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  • Sources of Inspiration - Fiction Writing Workshop with K.J Orr
  • Writing Audio Drama (Radio and Podcasts)
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