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Record-breaking month at the library

08 August 2016
Record-breaking month at the library

It’s a record breaker… more people than ever using the library

July was a busy month in our library. Over 400 people passed through our doors each week and 715 items were brought out of the archives  for researchers to get hands-on in pursuit of  answers and added insight into their individual projects.

From far and wide the researchers came and equally wide-ranging was the subject matter: London’s changing spaces were explored by a researcher from Michigan; the Woman’s Co-operative Guild was the point of focus for an academic from Cyprus and a student from California ventured into Victorian criminology and psychology using the Wensley Family Archive. One researcher from Italy made a second trip to glean more details on the Advisory Service for Squatters Archive.

The word is getting out, not just here but internationally, the Special Collections at Bishopsgate Institute are going global. - Stefan Dickers, Library and Archives Manager

It’s not just researchers who recognise the value  of our special collections and archives. Two publishers spent a very fruitful lunch hour browsing the LGBT badges for a new art book.

Alongside regular favourites among our collections - London, Lesbian And Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) and the Women’s Co- operative Guild - it was also great to see more recent acquisitions in our archives such as pioneering sexologist Martin Cole and filmmaker Paul Hallamget their first outing.

The purpose of our special collections and archives is to inspire, educate and entertain. They document our shared history and are open to everyone. Here is more information on accessing the Special Collections and Archives

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