Bursary Programme

Help support our bursary programme

Bishopsgate Institute has been running a limited bursary programme for our courses for the last few years - each term we offer a number of free places for people who find it hard to pay the full or concessionary rates.

Over the years, it has become more and more evident that people in straitened circumstances can benefit greatly from informal adult learning classes. It raises people's self-confidence and often creates a route back to participation in wider society.

Veronica* for example, is 38, on incapacity benefit and attended a Ballroom Dancing course at the Institute:

Before the course began:

'I withdrew from life for 2 ½ years after suffering from Lyme disease which led to arthritis, then I lost my job, and got divorced and all this led to a breakdown. I hope this course will gently ease me back into interaction with people. I struggle financially but I would really like to do something nice and that I love in order to be better, feel better and recover. This course is one step forward towards normal life again.'

After completing the course:

'I enjoyed learning new steps and feeling better about myself. I could feel worthless and think I'm not capable but each week, after we went through the dances we had previously learnt, I would feel positive as I knew the dances and could do it. I now feel ready to meet new people which I didn't before. I like the Institute, the building and the people and I like the opportunity you have given me.'

Demand for places has increased considerably over the last few years but unfortunately, as a charity ourselves, we don't have sufficient funding to provide further free course places.

We would like to expand the bursary programme to be able to respond to the high demand for free places each year on our courses. We are able to allocate £3,000 in our own budget to provide at least 25 places each year and cover the costs of administering and marketing the programme. But we need help to raise additional funds to be able to offer more places to the many people who apply each year.

If you would like to help us with our goal you can make a donation below. All donations will help towards offering a free place to those who are unable to pay the full courses fees.

Please help us achieve this goal by making a donation below. Thank you.

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