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Women in Parliament: 100 Years On
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    Words and Ideas
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    22 March 2018
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    7:00 PM
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Women in Parliament: 100 Years On

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been cancelled.**

100 years after the act of Parliament which enabled women to stand for election to the House of Commons, this panel discussion explores female representation in Parliament now.

The 2017 General Election saw 208 women elected as MPs. At 32% of all MPs, this was a record high for female representation. However, given that women make up more than half the population of the UK, that figure falls far short of being truly representative. In January 2017 the Women and Equalities Select Committee published a report on Women in the House of Commons, which made six recommendations to help achieve a significantly increased proportion of women MPs in all parties in the 2020 Parliament. In September 2017, all six recommendations were rejected by Government, leaving unresolved the question of how female representation might be increased.

Chaired by Fatima Manji, Channel 4 News Correspondent, with panellists including Dawn Butler MP, and Catherine Mayer, Co-Founder of the Women’s Equality Party, this event will explore the progress that has been made in the fight for increased female representation across the century. Panellists will discuss their own experiences of working within Westminster, and how they have campaigned for, and supported, greater representation of women in Parliament. Highlighting the barriers that are still in place for women in 2018, this discussion will consider how and when 50:50 representation might be achieved.

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