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Archives Tour - Labour, Co-op and Socialist Collections
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    22 March 2018
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    6:30 PM
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Archives Tour - Labour, Co-op and Socialist Collections
Thursday 22 March 2018
18.30 - 19.30

Why did the Institute lock away one book in the 1920s, fearing it would cause world revolution? Find out this and much more in a tour of its extensive collections documenting the history of socialism, the labour movement and co-operation. ‘Divi’ numbers may be required.

Led by Stefan Dickers, the Library and Archives Manager at Bishopsgate Institute who looks after its extensive collection of books, pamphlets, maps, photographs and oral histories on London history, as well as the labour movement, protest, atheism, the co-op and LGBT history. He is passionate about history, the Institute and its historic collections (along with West Ham United) and will talk about them all at length to anyone who will listen. He started as the archivist at Bishopsgate Institute in 2005 and has previously worked at the London School of Economics and Senate House Library. He is also Archives and Resources Secretary of the Society for the Study of Labour History. Follow @stefdickers.

Find out more about our Labour, Socialist and Co-operative Collections in our Special Collections and Archives.

Image: Morning Star Archive.

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