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The John Lilburne 400th Anniversary Conference
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    Talks and Discussions
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    14 March 2015
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    11:00 AM
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The John Lilburne 400th Anniversary Conference
Born 400 years ago, John Lilburne’s courage and passion for justice was unfailing during the turbulent years of the English Revolution. Whipped, pilloried and often imprisoned in his lifetime, John Lilburne was a Leveller activist and pamphleteer who campaigned for radical change. He fought to establish many of the liberties and political freedoms that we take for granted today. He was a champion of popular sovereignty, trial by jury and the rights of the ordinary citizen.

Don’t miss this one-day celebration of the life and legacy of ‘Freeborn John’.

Speakers include Martine Brant and Peter Flannery (writers of The Devil’s Whore series on Channel 4), Ted Vallance (author of A Radical History of Britain), Dr Ariel Hessayon (Goldsmiths, University of London), Katherine Clements (author of The Crimson Ribbon), Jason Peacey (author of Print and Public Politics in the English Revolution), Dr Rachel Foxley (University of Reading and author of The Levellers: Radical Political Thought in the English Revolution), Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tariq Ali (writer and broadcaster), Norah Carlin (author of The Causes of the English Revolution), Megan Dobney (Levellers' Day and SE TUC), Rev. Hammer (singer/songwriter and creator of the Freeborn John song cycle), Bishop Bray (Stephen Burden), Geoffrey Robertson QC (author of The Tyrannicide Brief), Michael Braddick (author of God's Fury, England's Fire), Elliot Vernon (co-editor of The Agreements of the People), Michael Arnold (author of the Stryker civil war novels), Michael Constantine (National Civil War Centre) and John Rees (The Levellers' Association).

In partnership with The Levellers’ Association.

Financially supported by the Ameil and Melburn Trust and the Goldsmiths Annual Fund.

The conference will run from 11.00am - 8.30/9.00pm. See here for full conference agenda.

*A postage fee of £1 applies for sending out tickets booked online or over the telephone.

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