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History Showoff at Bishopsgate Institute
  • Category
    Arts and Culture
  • Date(s)
    25 April 2018
  • Time
    7:30 PM
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History Showoff at Bishopsgate Institute
History Showoff is the chaotic comedy cabaret all about the past and the people who make it. You'll see eight brilliant performers, corralled by compere Steve Cross who can barely remember last week, let alone understand the renaissance. 

Bishopsgate Institute's archive is teeming with campaigners. In homage to these troublemakers, at this special event you'll hear tales of protest and activism from a line up of historians, comedians and experts.

Time: 19.30 - 22.00

Ed Jefferson writes about things that no-one else would bother to. His work has appeared in the New Statesman, the Guardian and CityMetric. Ed will explain how to protest property development by dying in a wheelbarrow "for gin-related reasons".

Sarah Elizabeth Cox is interested in bits of skeletons, forgotten murders, and the weird Georgian habit of painting crimes on ceramic. She'll explain why killing the Prime Minister failed to start an uprising, but did coin the uniquely British rallying cry "down with umbrellas!” @spookyjulie

Julie Aelbrecht will talk about a battle over language in Belgium that caused a government to fall, the country's oldest university to split and a new town to be founded. 

Sarah Jones, comedian, scientist and female Welshman will talk about how the miners' strike made her a scientist.  

Sarah Bell is Professor of Environmental Engineering at UCL, and member of the University and Colleges Union. She’ll be making the case that the UCU strike of 2018 is the nerdiest protest in history. 

Siân Docksley is a stand-up comedian, writer and performer from Belgium, now living in London. She is usually seen in the "Siân" bits of alternative sketch double act Siân & Zoë, and makes DIY queer comedy webseries Sunday Yoghurt with Nicole Henriksen. Siân will be discussing the first London Pride in 1972 and LGBT activism.

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