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Cosmopolitan Soho
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    Talks, Walks and Tours
  • Date(s)
    27 March 2012
  • Time
    7:30 PM
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Cosmopolitan Soho
The Shim Sham Club. From Rudolph Dunbar, ‘Harlem in London: Year of Advancement for Negroes’, Melody maker, March 7, 1936. Image courtesy of the British Library
Between the late Victorian era and the end of the Second World War, London's Soho underwent a spectacular transformation. Infamous for sex, crime and political disloyalty it became a centre of culinary and cultural tourism serving patrons of nearby shops and theatres. Judith Walkowitz draws on vivid stories and unforgettable characters to reveal how Soho became a showcase for a new cosmopolitan identity.

Judith Walkowitz is Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University (USA) and the author of Nights Out: Life in Cosmopolitan London published in March 2012.

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