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Capital Games: Then and Now: The Past and Present London Games
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    Debates and Discussions
  • Date(s)
    07 June 2012
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    7:30 PM
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Capital Games: Then and Now: The Past and Present London Games
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Against the current global economic crisis how does London 2012 compare to the previous years in which the city hosted the international games? In 1948 the games came just after the World War when public debt in Britain was higher than today and athletes were on rations. 1908 saw the first purpose-built Olympic stadium and the significant presence of national teams. The previous century also hosted the National Olympian Games. This discussion takes a look back at the previous games hosted in London and examines how they compare to the games today.

Speakers include David Miller (author of The Official History of the Olympic Games and the IOC, 1894-2012) and Matt Rogan (co-author of Britain and the Olympic Games: Past, Present, Legacy).
The event will be chaired by Dr Martin Polley (University of Southampton and author of The British Olympics: Britain's Olympic Heritage 1612-2012).

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