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Books Showoff: Gothic Fiction
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    31 October 2018
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    7:30 PM
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Books Showoff: Gothic Fiction
Books Showoff is the first and best London comedy cabaret by and for lovers of literature.

Join compere and comedian Steve Cross for a special Halloween edition of Books Showoff bringing together some brilliant literary Londoners with a passion for the mysterious and the supernatural. Venture into the Victorian Library at Bishopsgate Institute this all Hallows Eve to hear eight of the capital’s sparkiest readers give their take on Gothic Classics as well as some more obscure unsettling titles. Prepare to be spooked, weirded out and tickled.

Time: 19.30 - 22.00

Dr Faz Alam
Faz is fascinated by weird science, and will be talking about the real-life science stories which inspired HG Wells' "Island of Dr Moreau". Faz has worn many hats, he's been a teacher, microbiologist, and science fraud investigator, but today he is here to make you laugh. @DefectiveBrayne

Nick Coveney

Desire and disgust in The Monk: A Romance – in which we’ll ponder the thinly disguised revelry in the most over-the-top sexual and flagrantly queer of all the Gothic classics, lifting the lid on the literary RuPaul of its day (Warning; contains lots of metaphorical and actual drag as well as tonnes of charm, uniqueness, nerve & talent – delivered by Nick in an exceedingly extra Hallowe’en costume). Follow Nick @nmjcoveney 

Shalaka Kurup @ergonightmares
What do Serena Williams, Rihanna, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Idris Elba have in common with Miss Havisham? Bick dick energy. Join us for 10 minutes of a completely mangled understanding of one of the most important pieces of literature. Don’t bring your Great Expectations. Or any expectations at all. 

Shalaka loves trains, rice and bad jokes. She does a PhD on one of those things. 

Zoe Helena McGee
If you've ever been worried that you're secretly in a gothic novel, Zoe's handy How-To guide for spotting monsters should keep you safe this Halloween. She's pretty sure she isn't in one, but does spend all her time reading old books in libraries for her PhD, so her judgement is clearly questionable...

Kimberley Freeman 
Kimberley Freeman is Director of the Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary University of London, but when she isn't doing that she is collecting and enthusing over plastic jewellery, reading comic books and watching vintage sci-fi movies.

Gregory Akerman @gregory_akerman

Belle Taylor @Bellelctaylor

Sarah Jones @callingdrjones_
Sarah is a microbiologist, comedian and female welshman.

+ more details to be announced...

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