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London in Peril: Protesting London
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    Debates and Discussions
  • Date(s)
    07 July 2011
  • Time
    7:30 PM
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London in Peril: Protesting London
Marches, protests and demonstrations are an opportunity to collectively voice discontent and represent a true display of freedom of expression. From the Sunday trading bill riots in the 19th century through to the more recent Stop the War, G20 demonstrations and student protests, London has often been the central point for such public expression - but not without significant implications. With costs to businesses, extensive policing, interference with public transport, damage to property and occasional violent protest, London has to bear a high level of disruption.

This discussion will consider the effectiveness of protest, the attempts at constraint, the impact on London and its community and what the future of protest may hold.

Speakers include Lynne Owens (Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police), Clive Bloom (Middlesex University, author) and Lindsey German (Stop the War).

Event curated and chaired by Robert Elms (award-winning writer and broadcaster).

This event has now sold out.

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