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Wellbeing and Fitness

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It’s good to take time for yourself, to focus on your wellbeing, to take a moment and breathe. And luckily we have a brand new term of Wellbeing and Fitness classes designed to help you do just that.

So, whether you want to stretch away the worries of the day with some yoga, re-centre your mind with guided meditation or get energised with some Swing Dance moves, we have got you covered. Classes are offered in the morning, evenings and over your lunch break. 


Feel stronger and more flexible after completing our 6 or 12 session Pilates courses. Pilates is a great practice to improve core stability and elongate your muscles without the need for high impact movements. 

Pilates - Suitable for All 
Pilates - Level 1
Pilates - Level 2

Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar system of yoga emphasises precise and careful body alignment, muscular balance and maximum spinal extension. It helps release tensions, improves posture and gradually retrains the body to become stronger, more supple and healthy.

Iyengar Yoga - Level 1
Iyengar Yoga - Level 2

Meditation and Mindfulness 

These courses teach contemporary mindfulness practices and meditation, which are rooted in ancient tradition but remain vital relaxation tools for mind and body today. 

The Art of Meditation and Mindfulness - Level 1
The Art of Meditation and Mindfulness - Level 2


Join Bishopsgate Institute partners SwingTrain for high intensity fitness classes set to the joyful music of Charleston,  gospel, blues and electro swing. 


Hatha Yoga 

This uplifting and energising form of Hatha Yoga concentrates essentially on helping to free the mind via the body. Combining the intelligent sequencing of Vinyasa Krama and some stillness elements of Yin Yoga. We will practise dynamic flowing Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breath and energy control) as well as learn some Relaxation techniques and integrate some elements of Meditation and Mindfulness much needed in our fast spinning world. 

Hatha Yoga - All Levels

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