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Co-operative Movement Library

The Co-operative Movement collection at Bishopsgate Library includes pamphlets, journals and monographs relating to all aspects of Co-operation in Great Britain from c.1830 – 1980s. It includes histories of various regional co-operative societies, plus reports and speeches from the annual Co-operative Congress from 1869 to 1990, publications produced for the education of Society members, rule books and a great variety of advertising leaflets.

The collection includes material relating to the following organisations:

  • Co-operative Party
  • Co-operative Retail Services Ltd.
  • Co-operative Union
  • Co-operative Wholesale Society
  • Co-operative Youth Movement
  • International Co-operative Alliance
  • London Co-operative Society
  • Women’s Co-operative Guild
  • Woodcraft Folk

A long run of Co-operative News is held as well as Co-operative Home Magazine and Annual Reports from over 40 co-operative societies.

For enquiries relating to London Co-operative Society members' shares go to www.cooponline.coop or call the Co-operative Group's helpline: 0845 090 1456.

See the Archives section for details of the London Co-operative Society Archives.