Mondcivitan Republic

ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: The Mondcivitan Republic was initiated by Hugh Schonfield in 1956, at which time it was known as the Commonwealth of World Citizens. The republic was conceived as a 'servant-nation', a nation without territory, whose citizens across the world would work to promote peace and unity in the aftermath of World War II. The Mondcivitan Republic British Isles South East Community was based in Camden, London in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and was largely organised by Peter Deed. The Republic ran a craft shop, housing association and a school from its headquarters in Delancey Street; it also had its own national bank and currency (the 'Mondo').

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Papers of the Mondcivitan Republic (1955-1976), including:

  • Governance papers,including the Parliament, Constituent Assembly, Executive Committee, General Assembly and Secretariat. Also includes papers of the South East, Greater London, and North Communities as well as the Activists Assembly, (1951-1985)
  • Financial papers of the Mondcivitan Republic including financial reports and correspondence regarding fundraising and the Mondcivitan Bank, (1954-1978).
  • Correspondence of the Mondcivitan Republic including those of Schonfield, Deed and other prominent members. Also includes correspondence with citizens as well as circulars, (1948-1986)
  • Papers regarding conferences and events of the Mondcivitan Republic, including the International Peace Conference, International Year of Co-Operation, Summer Conference and other events, (1954-1983).
  • Papers regarding membership and citizenship of the Mondcivitan Republic, including application forms and general membership papers, (c.1951-1975)
  • Newsletters of the Commonwealth of World Citizens/Mondcivitan Republic, including both regional and international publications, (1941-1980)
  • Papers regarding the international relations of the Mondcivitan Republic, (1957-1985)
  • Address, writings and publications of Hugh Schonfield, President of the Mondcivitan Republic, regarding world citizenship and related issues, (1940-1983)
  • Photographs of the Mondcivitan Republic's activities and people, (c.1950-1976)
  • Propaganda of the Mondcivitan Republic including general promotional ephemera (including press releases), as well as the anthem and emblem of the Republic and their interest in the island of Palmorola. Also includes information about the World Citizen Movement in the USA, (1936-1989)
  • Papers of the International Arbitration League, (1906-1989)
  • Papers of the World Service Trust regarding general business, correspondence and the purpose of the Trust, (1956-1980)
  • Papers of the Civil World Army of Mondcivitan Republic including correspondence, designs for uniform and kit, and papers about the organisation of the force, (1952-1963)
  • Minute book of the London Service Section of the Service Nation Movement, Mondcivitan Republic. Includes minutes of the Committee, (9 November 1944 - 29 October 1945)
  • Papers of the Mondcivitan Community School, created by the Mondcivitan Republic. Includes papers about the origin of the school, correspondence, publicity, and information about it's closure. Also includes a small amount of information about the Yah-et-eh School and the Pestalozzi Children's Village Trust, (1973-1975)
  • Papers of the Mondcivitan Republic boutiques in the UK and Germany. Primarily consisting of small adverts for the German shop, 'Mondcivitaner' cut from newspapers. Also includes press cuttings about the German shop, and information about the UK branch, (1974-1975)
  • Articles and publications collected by the Mondcivitan Republic, or written by it's citizens, (1932-1989)
  • Newspaper cuttings collected by the Mondcivitan Republic, (c.1940-1990)
  • Papers of the Cremer Trust and the Cremer Housing Association collected by the International Arbitration League and kept by the Mondcivitan Republic, (1904-1969)
  • Audio-visual material of the Mondcivitan Republic, (1956-2005)
  • Printing blocks and other items of the Mondcivitan Republic, (c.1950-1970)

QUANTITY: 18 boxes, 1 bundle, 2 loose volumes