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ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Anarchist periodical started in 1886 by a group of friends around Peter Kropotkin after their separation from the English Anarchist Circle and The Anarchist edited by Henry Seymour; in addition to Freedom, the group eventually set up the Freedom Press, the main publisher of anarchist literature in England; first editors of Freedom were Charlotte M. Wilson 1886-1895, Alfred Marsh 1895-1912 and Thomas H. Keell 1912-1932; among the contributors to the periodical were George Bernard Shaw, Max Nettlau and Kropotkin; a rival Freedom was published by opponents of Th. Keell, including John Turner and Oscar Swede 1930-1936; ceased publication in favour of Spain and the World 1936-1938, edited by Vernon Richards, and changed its name to Revolt in 1939; this was continued as War Commentary, renamed Freedom in 1945, the publication of which continues still today.


  • Miscellaneous handbills, newsletters, typescripts and other ephermera, concerning international movements, personalities and campaigns connected with anarchism, socialism, the peace movement and the history of anarchism, collected by bookshop and publishers Freedom Press, 1910-1989

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