Cambodia Compassion

ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Cambodia Compassion acted as a news agency for the aid agencies operating there, producing a newsletter digested from their telexes and other information sources, and corresponded with journalists, politicians and others who submitted letters or articles to the media on the subject of Cambodia from 1978-1986.  Their records also include large files of news cuttings and newsletters of other organisations. The records provide a very full view of the public response to the catastrophe, and the ways it was hampered by distortions and blockages of information flow.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Papers of Cambodia Compassion (CAMCOM) (1979-1999), including: papers regarding Cambodia Compassion’s visits to Cambodia, 1984-1991; United Nations papers and reports, 1984-1987; correspondence, 1979-1992; papers and proposals regarding refugees, 1982-1987; papers regarding humanitarian conditions and events in Cambodia and other Southeast Asia countries, 1982-1985; newsletters and magazines, 1979-1988; articles and reports, 1979-1986;  press cuttings, 1979-1994; press releases, bulletins and mailing lists, 1979-1986; and miscellaneous papers, reports and correspondence, 1979-1987.

QUANTITY: 15 Boxes