Elainea Emmott Archive

Elainea EmmottADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Elainea Emmott was the official photographer for Women’s March London, Million Women Rise, UK Black Pride, Care UK International and Women for Refugee Women. Emmott aimed to capture individual moments at the protests and marches organised by these feminist and campaigning organisations. She also worked with politicians including Diane Abbott MP and Tulip Siddiq MP to produce images of portraiture. Her work was shared internationally, both through social media and viral tweets, and also thorough contemporary publications and exhibitions. Emmott worked independently using both analogue and digital mediums to produce her images.

SCOPE & CONTENT: Digital photographs taken by professional photographer Elainea Emmott at women-led protests in London. Includes images from the Women's March on London 2017 and 2018, March4Women 2018 and Million Women Rise 2018, (2017-2018). 

QUANTITY: 4 digital folders