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Bishopsgate Institute is governed by a Board of Trustees which meets at least four times a year. The Board comprises a maximum of fifteen trustees who serve an initial term of three years with the option to extend for a further two years by agreement with the Board. All trustees are unpaid volunteers.

The current Board structure includes two ex officio positions, which do not have a finite term. However, they are representing Bishopsgate Institute and not their own institutions when serving on our Board.

The Board also retains Honorary Advisors, who are not Trustees, consultants and other specialist advisors, as required. Honorary Advisors are unpaid volunteers.

Purpose and main tasks of the Board:
• To hold the organisation in trust for current and future generations of users
• To retain an oversight of the Institute’s strategic direction
• To formally sign off statutory accounts and annual budget
• Fulfil the three legal duties of Trustees
• Delegate authority to standing committees and Chief Executive as appropriate and review such delegation on a regular basis

• Retain oversight of governance, charitable giving and human resources matters and authorise individual Trustees to lead as appropriate in these areas

The Board reviews the activities of the Institute through two principal committees which meet three times a year or as required:
• Finance & General Purposes (F&GP)

• Programmes

Purpose of the F&GP Committee:
• To work and coordinate with standing committees and the Chair of the Board of Trustees
• To review the statutory accounts and recommend them to the Board
• To review and recommend the budget and forecasts to the Board
• To monitor financial performance against budget and forecast and recommend any corrective action
• To monitor financial controls
• To maintain a risk register and take a regular review of all risks
• To review proposed major capital expenditure
• Regular scrutiny of progress on major projects
• Undertake regular review of investment strategy and performance

• Work with Programmes Committee to ensure agreed budget supports the strategic plan

Purpose of Programmes Committee:
• To work and coordinate with standing committees and the Chair of the Board of Trustees
• Retain oversight, support and advise the executive on the strategic plan
• Monitor operational performance against BI mission and strategic objectives

• Work with F&GP to ensure that budgets support the strategic plan

Bishopsgate Institute is looking for new trustees and honorary advisors. Click here for more information.