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Archives Tour - Women's and Feminist History

Fancy meeting the suffragette who was so excited by the cause she bought the WSPU tea set twice, the remarkable woman who put up Ghandi in the East End, Britain’s first ever female firefighter, and the Berwickshire Granarchists? Join Grace Biggins, Library and Digital Archives Manager, to hear about these activists and many more in a tour of our fascinating women’s and feminist history collections.  
Thursday 25 October
6:30 PM

Archives Tour - LGBTQ+ Collections

Why was John Gielgud told to see a doctor and how many lesbian pulp fiction novels can one library hold? Bishopsgate Institute is a treasure trove of LGBTQ history with extensive archives holding cuttings, badges and banners, even a set of wizard’s robes; and by the end of this tour you’ll know all about them.
Thursday 29 November
6:30 PM