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Trustee and Advisor Recruitment

19 February 2018

Trustee and Advisor Recruitment 
Bishopsgate Institute is looking for new honorary trustees and honorary advisors. In particular, we seek a Chair of Trustees and a Chair of the Finance and General Purposes committee. These positions are not remunerated. 
Our Chief Executive has established a powerful vision for the continuing development of the Institute into a revitalised cultural space for learning and performance within the heart of the City of London. 

We are looking for trustees and advisors whose passion, professional expertise, extensive networks and commitment to the mission of the Institute will support us in advocating for and driving forward the changes to which the Institute has committed itself. 

Chair of Trustees 
We are hoping to recruit a Chair of our Trustees from amongst an intake of new trustees. The Chair has responsibility for the governance of Bishopsgate Institute, for ensuring that it is faithful to the charitable purposes for which it was established and leading fellow trustees into maintaining and enhancing the Institute’s Endowment in order to achieve these purposes in the present and the future. The Chair, along with the chairs of the Finance and General Purposes and Programme Committee, liaises informally with the Chief Executive on behalf the Board. 
The Chair of the Trustees must have a proven track record in the leadership of a publicly accountable institution and a full complement of communication skills in order to act as an ambassador for the Institute. At the same time the Chair needs to be able to work closely and collaboratively with fellow trustees and other individuals within and beyond the Institute. An understanding of cultural provision of the kind provided by Bishopsgate Institute is desirable, as is financial literacy. An ability to think strategically is essential.  
Chair of Finance and General Purposes Committee
We are looking for a trustee to chair our Finance and General Purposes Committee. This committee is responsible for overseeing the financial controls and performance of the Institute, including the review of management accounts, annual financial statements and budgets, along with issues such as fund management, financial strategy and five year plans and oversight of general operational issues. 
The chair should be financially literate, have a reasonable grasp of charity accounting and treasury matters, as well as being a strong strategic thinker. Ability to work closely with both trustees and the executive on a collegiate and co-operative basis is essential, combined with qualities of leadership to chair the committee effectively. 

Trustees and Advisors
We are a charity and, while our specialist areas are archive collections, courses for adults, talks and debates, lectures, dance, concerts and other performances, we are also keen to hear from people who are working in new and innovative ways with a range of skills in the areas of arts and cultural partnerships and collaborations, venue management, investment and the management of funds for trusts and charities, strategic financial and commercial management, marketing and digital audience data management, connecting with audiences in the digital space, and fundraising. 

Trustees are legally accountable for the responsible governance of the Institute as it is a charity. Advisors work alongside trustees, the Chief Executive and her team to provide specialist input on particular projects, but they are not trustees. Trustees serve for an initial term of up to 3 years and a maximum term of 5 years. The positions of trustee and advisor are not remunerated. 

For a general trustee or advisor position, you do not need to have been a trustee before. We are interested in people at a senior level in their careers as well as those at the heart of new developments. 

The Articles of Association require at least four Board meetings a year requiring trustee attendance. There are usually, in addition, at least three meetings of the Finance and General Purposes Committee and an annual away day led by the Programme Committee. Meetings are currently scheduled for Monday evenings, 1700 – 1830. Trustees and advisors may be appointed to a particular committee, meaning only they attend that committee meeting, but all attend all Board meetings. Only trustees may vote, whether at committee or Board meetings

Your application

Please email us at trusteerecruitment@bishopsgate.org.uk with your CV and a one page letter outlining your interest in Bishopsgate Institute and any relevant experience by 09.00 on Tuesday 3 April 2018. We are not accepting applications from search agencies. 

We anticipate inviting shortlisted candidates to interview the week of 24 April 2018 with a view to successful applicants joining us from July 2018.

Download PDF version of the Trustee ad here.

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