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Meet our Scene Ball
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    22 April 2017
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    7:00 PM
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The Meet Our Scene Swing Ball is a long-standing tradition and a perfect way to get together and celebrate the Swing Patrol community.  The event is an amazing chance to spend time with fellow classmates, meet people from other venues and, of course, do a whole lot of dancing...

Meet Our Scene is especially tailored to ensure Swing Patrol's great new dancers have a fabulous first experience. There you can meet any of our hundreds of lovely swing dancers/teachers/door people and it’s a perfect opportunity to dance in one of the beautiful Halls the city of London has to offer. A great setting makes for great dancing.

Take the taster lesson at the start and dance till 2am.

The house has been rocked in previous years by the London Gay Big Band and we are delighted to have them back with us this year.

A dedicated blues room - from start to finish.

Your chance to dress up. Vintage at its finest.

Doors open at 7:00pm
Bar Closes at 1:30am
Event finishes at 2:00am

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    020 7392 9200

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