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Underground London: The Walbrook Pilgrimage
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    Walks and Tours
  • Date(s)
    23 February 2013
  • Time
    3:30 PM
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Underground London: The Walbrook Pilgrimage
Walbrook underground river c1910 (LAMAS Glass Slide Collection, Bishopsgate Library)
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Join an urban pilgrimage through the heart of London, following the buried River Walbrook from source to mouth. Part walking tour, part site-specific performance, writer Tom Chivers employs poetry, soundscapes and evocative storytelling to scrape away at the surface of the city, revealing the hidden histories and geological landscapes beneath our feet.

Tom Chivers is a writer and literary arts producer. His books include How to Build a City and The Terrors. He was Poet in Residence at Bishopsgate Institute in 2008.

Devised for ADRIFT - a Cape Farewell commission.

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