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Underground London: Ethics on the Underground
  • Category
    Debates and Discussions
  • Date(s)
    09 March 2013
  • Time
    2:30 PM
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Underground London: Ethics on the Underground
Photo © Phil Maxwell

It is remarkable how much philosophy you would need to run the tube network. Problems of ethics and of political philosophy come up all over the place. Should you be utilitarian, limit your spending on safety equipment, and trade off a few deaths against lower fares for everyone, or should you say that every life is of infinite value, and buy every possible safety device? Should you say that society is more important than the individual, and invade people's privacy by making everyone register their Oyster card, so that the police can track them? And do all staff have a duty to the community to keep the service running, or is it like any other job?

Richard Baron is a philosopher and author whose books include Projects and Values and Deliberation and Reason.

This event is organised in partnership with Philosophy for All.

No advance booking required. Please note places are limited.


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