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Back to the 80s: Fashion, Change and Identity
  • Category
    Debates and Discussions
  • Date(s)
    17 November 2012
  • Time
    2:30 PM
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Back to the 80s: Fashion, Change and Identity

The 1980s offered ample opportunity for choosing the look you desired, from shoulder pads to Doc Martens, from Miami Vice to Madonna. Is fashion just a fun pastime or is there something more serious about it? We will discuss the importance of fashion in creating a sense of identity, individuality or belonging, as well as its role in defining the culture of a historical era.

Anja Steinbauer is the president of Philosophy for All, co-editor of Philosophy Now and is co-founder of the London School of Philosophy. Anja also teaches Philosophy at Bishopsgate Institute.

This event is organised in partnership with Philosophy for All.

No advance booking required. Please note places are limited.


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