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Remembering WW1: Kate Adie - Fighting on the Home Front
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    Talks and Discussions
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    03 December 2014
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    7:30 PM
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Remembering WW1: Kate Adie - Fighting on the Home Front
Kate Adie © Ken Lennox
In l914 the world changed forever. When World War One broke out and a generation of men went off to fight, bestselling author and award-winning former BBC chief news correspondent Kate Adie shows how women emerged from the shadows of their domestic lives.

Now a visible force in public life, they began to take up essential roles - from transport to policing, munitions to sport, entertainment, even politics. They had finally become citizens, a recognised part of the war machine, acquiring their own rights and often an independent income.

Kate Adie hails the women who challenged discrimination and charts the seismic move towards equal rights with men that began a century ago and asks what these women achieved for future generations.

Kate Adie became the BBC’s chief news correspondent in 1989, and has reported from war zones around the world. She presents From Our Own Correspondent on BBC Radio 4 and is the author of four bestselling books including Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One. She was awarded an OBE in 1993.

In partnership with Newham Bookshop.

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