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About our workshops

Developed during the HLF grant period (2011-2014) our community learning workshops aimed to make our library and archive collections interesting and relevant to people of all abilities and from a range of backgrounds. We were particularly keen to work with groups that might not otherwise have the opportunity to handle and work with historic materials. To ensure everyone felt welcome, we created a supportive learning environment which encouraged participants to share their views and experiences during an informal 90-minute session. A creative atmosphere was fostered, with structured activities helping participants respond imaginatively to the workshop theme, whether this was 'Changing Lives in Victorian London', 'East End, Myths and Reality' or 'London Tourist' (using our extensive collection of guidebooks). Photographs, pamphlets, press cuttings and maps from our historic library collections made each session a rich and unique learning experience.

To find out more about devising and delivering hands-on archive workshops for 'non-traditional' audiences, please email us.