White Dog Benevolent Society


ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: The White Dog Benevolent Society was formed in 1783 at the White Dog public house, Widegate Street, Bishopsgate, and subsequent meetings continued to be held there. The aim of the organisation was to grant aid to the poor during the Winter months by the distribution of bread and coals purchased through membership subscriptions, contributions, admissions and fines. The Society also gave relief to distressed members, their widows, or children through the same funds on the approval of subscribers and members.


  • Handwritten minute book (c175pp) (4 Nov 1811-12 Dec 1825)
  • Handwritten minute book (c200pp) (21 Jan 1839-31 Mar 1869)
  • Manuscript cash book (c175pp) (7 Oct 1871-3 Jan 1876)
  • Manuscript election of generals record book, listing name of candidate, proposer, seconder, date of election and other information (15 Aug 1810-23 Mar 1867)
  • Manuscript membership book, including name of member, profession, proposer and number (c250pp) (23 Dec 1815-21 Apr 1837)
  • Manuscript laws and rules of the White Dog Benevolent Society, with attached copies of receipts for annuities (7pp) (14 Apr 1853 and Aug 1867)
  • Manuscript account sheet of the Society with seven attached tickets for the delivery of coals by Mr Monk of Artillery Passage, Bishopsgate (2pp) (1887-1888)
  • Printed form for the receipt of consolidated stock of the White Dog Benevolent Society, made out to several stockholders (1p) (11 May 1888)
  • Circular letter to the White Dog Benevolent Society from the Bank of England regarding the National Debt(Conversion) Act, 1888 (1p) (12 May 1888)

EXTENT: 5 volumes