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Eagle Tavern / Grecian Theatre, City Road: Playbills and illustrations


ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: The Eagle Tavern' a pub was located on the corner of City Road and Shepherdess Walk in Hackney, North London. The Eagle was an old pub which was re-built as a music hall in 1825. 

Charles Dickens was known to frequent the Music Hall and the Tavern appears in the famous rhyme 'Pop goes the Weasel'. It was purchased by the Salvation Army in 1883 ( they were totally opposed to drinking and Music Halls). The hall was later demolished and was rebuilt as a public house in 1901.

Playbills, posters and illustrations from the Eagle Tavern / Grecian Theatre, City Road, Shoreditch, including:

  • Ink sketch of Eagle Tavern Gardens, looking Westward, n.d.
  • Watercolour of Eagle Tavern Gardens by J.P.Emslie, showing the Grecian saloon on left, orchestra on right and the space in the foreground being the site of the 'Monster Platform', 1899
  • Print of the Pleasure Gardens, Eagle Tavern, n.d.
  • Print of the Eagle Tavern, n.d.
  • Pencil and watercolour illustration of the stage of the Eagle Tavern, Grecian Theatre, n.d.
  • Watercolour of the New Grecian Theatre by J.P.Emslie, showing the stage after purchase by the Salvation Army, 1899
  • Watercolour of the interior of the Grecian Theatre by J.P.Emslie, 1899
  • Watercolour of the principal staircase leading to the first floor of the Eagle Tavern by J.P.Emslie, 1899
  • Watercolour of the first floor room at the Eagle Tavern by J.P.Emslie, showing the remains of the stage on the left, 1899
  • Advertising print for the Eagle Tavern, showing the buildings and ornaments in the grounds, n.d.
  • Small print showing the interior of the New Grecian Theatre, n.d.
  • Illustration of two tokens used to purchase refreshments at the Eagle Tavern, n.d.
  • Print of illustration Mr T.Jones as singing 'Ri Fum, Ti Fum' at the New Grecian Saloon, 1832
  • Print of illustration of Mr T.Rouse, n.d.
  • Two prints of illustrations of the Gardens at the Eagle Tavern, n.d.
  • Three illustrations of the 'Flying Mountain' and the 'Montagnes Russi', an attraction planned for the Eagle Tavern, though dropped through lack of space, including plan for the Russian Mountain at the Eagle Tavern, n.d.
  • Advertisement for 'Equestrian, Grand and Splendid Entertainments' at the Eagle Tavern, 1831
  • Two illustrations of the Royal Entrance at Westminster Abbey used at the coronation, later purchased by T.Rouse and erected at the Eagle Tavern, 1831
  • Fifty-four playbills and posters for performances at the Eagle Tavern and the Grecian Theatre, including performances by equestrian acts, Mr Wells the clown and Miss Blanchard, alongside dramatic performances, wrestling and concerts, 1828-1845
  • Poster announcing the sale of the Eagle Tavern, 12 June 1844
  • Twenty-two pages of press cuttings concerning performances at the Eagle Tavern, 1829 - 1842

EXTENT: 1 large volume