Achilles Heel

ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Achilles Heel was anti-sexist magazine that was produced by a working collective of socialist men and launched to coincide with the London Men's Conference in 1978.

From the editorial of their first issue: For all of us it is a process of making public a very private and very important experience- that of consciously redefining and changing the nature of our relationships with women and with each other as men. In making this experience public and in beginning to develop an analysis around it, we are in a sense 'coming out' politically as men and raligning [sic] ourselves with the womens and gay movements in the struggle against sexual oppression.
Over the years, the strapline of the magazine changed, to include a magazine of men's politics, an anti-sexist mens magazine, for a men's anti-sexist politics, for changing men, and the radical men's magazine.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Papers of Achilles Heel magazine, including: minutes, editorial papers, draft articles, correspondence, publications and other material, 1974-1983; Achilles Heel banner, n.d.; papers and correspondence of the Friend Collective, 1979-1980.

QUANTITY: 12 Boxes