Munday, Diane (b 1931) humanist and abortion rights campaigner

Election leaflet for Diane Munday, c1965ADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Diane Munday became involved in the campaign to reform abortion law in the 1960s, following her own experience with abortion. She was a member of the Abortion Law Reform Association and of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service until the 1990s, and frequently gave speeches and wrote articles on the topics of abortion, pregnancy and family planning. Later, she became interested in the question of voluntary euthanasia, and has also spoken and written on that subject.

Munday began questioning religion at the age of 8 or 9, and has been heavily involved with the British Humanist Association. She began a successful campaign for a state school in her village after her son was called a pagan in the local Church of England school. She was appointed as a magistrate in 1969, acting for many years as Chair of the Family Panel, and retired from the Bench in 2001.


  • papers regarding religious and moral education, including statements by the Campaign for Moral Education and the British Humanist Association, 1967-1971.
  • Notes for speeches, draft reviews.and drafts of articles on abortion, contrception and family planning, humanism,, Alzheimers, pressure groups, moral education, euthanasia, 1967-2000.
  • Press cuttings of letters and articles by Munday regarding abortion, humanism, politics and various other topics, 1967-2002.