Brierley, Tony (b.[1935]) lecturer and humanist

Tony BrierleyADMINISTRATIVE/BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Tony Brierley founded the Oxford University Humanist Group in 1958. Often with more than 1,000 members, the OUHG held meetings with eminent speakers, organised weekly discussion meetings, publicised Humanism and opposed Christian missions to the University. It had its own small printing press and produced its own posters and termly cards as well as taking in business for other clubs. The OUHG folded in the early 1970s.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Papers of Tony Brierley [b 1935], including: papers regarding Tony Brierley's activities with the Oxford University Humanist Group, 1958-1966; papers regarding Tony Brierley's involvement with the Birmingham Humanist Group, 1965-1972; miscellaneous papers relating to Tony Brierley's involvement in humanism and humanist groups, 1904-2000; and photographs of members of Oxford University Humanist Group and the Rationalist Press Association, 1963-1999. (1904-2000).