Feminist Library Poster Collection

The Feminist Library Poster Collection consists of around seven hundred posters collected by the Feminist Library over a thirty year period. Covering topics as diverse as:

International Women's Day poster- childcare, reproductive health and pregnancy
- employment and workplace rights
- helplines and advice services
- higher education and extra mural education
- international, national and local groups
- lesbian and bisexual groups and issues
- performance, the arts, and book launches
- physical and mental health
- pornography and sexual behavior
- protests, campaigns and solidarity movements
- services for older women and young women
- sexism and discrimination 

- sexual and domestic abuse including self-defense

Cataloguing and digitisation of the Feminist Library Poster Collection is on-going. All the posters are accessible in the Researcher's Area of Bishopsgate Library, however a number of posters can now be viewed online. Please visit our online catalogue and select the 'Advance Search Option' entering FL/POS into the 'archive reference' field on the 'Archive' page.